Give your parents youth and an active rich life
Your parents will really be grateful to you.
Don't you think your parents deserve a better life?

As people age, they suffer from lack of activity, communication, malnutrition, and more. A person needs a person to look at the bizarre clouds together, admire the sun sinking into the sea, drink tea on the veranda, talk about being and trifles, be silent and listen to the whispering of the stars on the Mediterranean coast.

At GREEEN VALLEY we create a healthy, active and creative environment in which your parents can spend short or long term with like-minded people. Do not think of "GREEN VALLEY" as an ordinary boarding school for the elderly. Rather, it can be called a boarding house for active seniors. Lessons and classes will be held from morning to night! Here, retirees will not sit all year round, locked in their apartments.

Each guest will have a personal assistant who will guide and advise in any situation, and he will also make sure that guests do not miss and are happy to attend daily events, excursions, etc.

We will do our best to make your parents live longer, healthier, happier and more fulfilling!

Social activity
Healthy eating
Physical activity
Health care
The recreation house "GREEN VALLEY" will be located on the Mediterranean coast, in Turkey, in the city of Alanya. This resort town is known for its ecological cleanliness. There are no manufacturing enterprises in Alanya, therefore there is a transparent, fresh air in which the aromas of citrus trees and flowering shrubs are poured.

The area itself is famous for its wonderful subtropical climate with long summers. It is comfortable to live here at any time of the year.
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Some of our events
Your parents will never get bored!
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How to give parents a second youth?
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Your parents will start living in our "Recreation House" in 2023
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Pricing for just 2023***
Per day for single occupancy
One room apartment
Studio (1+0)
Only 32 rooms
  • All inclusive:

  • Accommodation, 5 meals a day, basic medical care, use of common sports and leisure areas, participation in various activities.
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One bedroom apartment
with medical care

Only 10 rooms
  • All inclusive:

  • Accommodation, 5 meals a day, basic medical care, use of common sports and leisure areas, participation in various activities.
  • Individual moderate medical care
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(***) In case of single occupancy 50% to be added.
Recreation Facility
«GREEN VALLEY» – is a recreation facility for 60+
A home where seniors will be surrounded by their peers. A home to be taken care of. A home where seniors feel comfortable. A home where it will be interesting for seniors to live again!

There are no analogues to our recreation facility in all around Turkey! Unique project for the 60+ generation.

On the ground and first floors there will be a variety of activities (social infrastructure) for our guests.

Ground floor:
Swimming pool
Beauty Salon
Dance hall

First floor:
Music room with grand piano
Hobby room
Lounge zone
Gaming areas (table tennis, billiards, etc.)
Phone number (optional)
+90 552 309 6641
Oba Cad. No.3A Alanya

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